About us


Founded in 1968, with over 47 years of experience of legal practice, renowned Arosemena Noriega & Contreras (ANORCO) is a leading firm in Panama in labour and employment law serving local and international clients. We provide our services with excellence and we embody values of loyalty, ethics and respect.

We are highly secure and reliable, understanding the needs of our clients and following a strict compliance of regulations and legal decrees.


We are internationally recognized as a leading law firm in our industry in various specialised law firm magazines and publications, such as Chambers & Partners, International Financial Law Review and Legal 500.

ANORCO Foundation

We are dedicated to our non profit work and committed to reach out to our local communities where we carry out social programs for struggling sectors in the country. As well as maintaining a set of high standards within our professional and human development activities, we aim to reduce impact on the environment. 

Worldwide Network

We are part of worldwide networks of correspondent lawyers, one of them being the largest independent employment law alliance in the world, Ius Laboris.